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We’re united in a our goal to see the church grow and thrive, no matter what’s going on in the world

Our Partners

We’re always on the lookout for other companies that are helping churches with COVID restrictions. Hopefully these resources will help you and your church thrive through corona-virus and continue to hold church events and services.

Helping you adjust to the "New Normal"

Humanitarian Disaster Institute &

HDI has started a website dedicated to sharing top-notch information to help churches make an informed decision about whether they should open. If you’re not sure if you should re-open or stay open, HDI is worth a visit.

Helping you adjust to the "New Normal"

Missouri Conference of The United Methodist Church

We’re proud to be listed as a hopsitality and connection resource on the Missouri United Methodist website. This website is a great resource for church staff and individuals who want to learn more about christianity!

Helping you adjust to the "New Normal"

The Bible Project

The Bible project is an amazing podcast and youtube channel focused on sharing the Bible in modern and high-quality videos. If you’d like to learn about the bible and it’s charactors, then The Bible Project is a great resource for you!

Helping you adjust to the "New Normal"

Evangelist Roasting Co.

A group of experienced entrepreneurs dedicated to cultivating people through cultivating coffee [even in a COVID-19 era]. What does that mean? It means we exist to help develop, train, and mold the next generation of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders throughout the world by using resources available in their own backyards.

Our mission is to cultivate coffee and to cultivate people!

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