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Helping you adjust to the "New Normal"

Get A Custom Seating Map For your Kansas City Congregation with Managed Seating (optional)

If your an organization in Kansas City and would like to gain access to the automatic social-distancing managed seating and allow your congregation to select their seats by using the best managed seating options available, you’ll need a custom seating map specifically built for your church and community within Kansas City, Missouri. Each managed seating map is hand-created by our team while working with you to make sure we create a great match for your gathering space.

It is imperative that our communities are safe, and that we can continue to worship together. With the top managed seating application in Kansas City, Missouri, we make that possible!

Create a Service perfect for Churches in Kansas City, Missouri with Manged Seating.

Services are at the core of ChurchReserve. When you set up your services with ChurchReserve you’ll be able to choose from several different types of reservation styles that are perfect for churches in Kansas City, Missouri. Services can include reservations that require a guest to reserve a seat or forego seat selection altogether. ChurchReserve prides itself on customizing each application for our individual clients.

In a new COVID-19 world, ChurchReserve is anxiously moving forward to help churches in Kansas City, Missouri with their managed-seating options. Staying Safe, and Staying together is what the name of the game, and we at ChurchReserve are stoked to assist!

We are proud to offer our services in Kansas City, Missouri and know that as the premier managed seating application we will provide your church the absolute best top managed seating program available.

Helping you adjust to the "New Normal"
Helping you adjust to the "New Normal"

Publish Your Service with Managed Seating in Kansas City, Missouri

Publishing a service with ChurchReserve will allow your attendants to make COVID-19 safe and CDC Compliant reservations for it. You can send each unique service URL to anyone your community whether in Kansas City, Missouri, or the world, or you can share your church’s unique ChurchReserve URL that will list all your published services.

ChurchReserve is not only offering the Top Managed Seating options in Kansas City, Missouri but we are also committed to making sure that your church is safe, compliant with the new way of living that COVID-19 seems to provide us. We are excited to not let the coronavirus stop the church from gathering in Kansas City, Missouri and ChurchReserve hope that our manage-seating options will further assist you in your mission!

Want to see ChurchReserve in action? Check out the demo here!